Turnkey Engineering Projects Services:

  • Water Treatment Plant Projects
  • Effluent Treatment Plant Projects
  • Zero Discharge System Projects
  • Sewage Treatment Plant Projects
  • Solid Waste Management Projects
  • Air Pollution Control System Projects
  • Rain Water Harvesting Projects
  • Bio Gas Plants Projects
  • Safety System Installation Projects
  • Operation and Maintenance contracts – WTP/ETP/STP


Water treatment Services:

  • Ground water studies
  • Water conservation Water quality testing
  • Suitable water treatment schemes
  • Treatment technology evaluation
  • Passivation technologies
  • Corrosion awareness and troubleshooting training and technologies
  • Pipe net calculations for establishment of water distribution networks
  • Desalination technologies
  • Softner
  • Filters
  • DM Plant
  • Reverse Osmosis
  • Multiple effect evaporation



  • Water and wastewater analysis
  • Stack and Ambient Air monitoring and analysis
  • Work Area Monitoring (of major chemicals)


Wastewater treatment & technologies Services:

  • Permitting and compliance Negotiations
  • Toxicity identification and reduction valuation
  • Source minimization
  • Suitable treatment schemes
  • Designing Effluent treatment plants
  • Wastewater treatment for horticultural purposes
  • Designing Sewage treatment plants
  • Aerobic and Anaerobic for Sewage & Wastewater Treatment Plants
  • Evaluation and Optimization of effluent treatment plants
  • Energy saving plans
  • Wastewater quality certifications
  • Wet air oxidation
  • Produced water treatment
  • Refinery crude desalter effluent treatment and management
  • Storm water pollution prevention plans



  • Consents and Authorization of State Pollution Control board under Water Act, Air Act, and Hazardous Waste (Management and Handling) Rules
  • No Objection Certificate from State Pollution Control Board
  • Environmental Clearance from Ministry of Environment & Forests
  • Environment Audit


Program development

  • Emergency Response plan development


Environmental compliance services:

  • Planning and permitting
  • Environmental engineering
  • Air compliance
  • Water compliance
  • OSHA


Energy Management Services:

  • Environment Liability management
  • Decontamination programs
  • Energy conservation
  • Energy and environmental policy
  • Full spectrum of Environmental consulting and engineering
  • Emission inventories and reduction
  • Cleaner Production Studies for Energy Conservation
  • Training


Environmental Impact Assessment:

  • Rapid & Comprehensive Studies
  • Baseline Studies
  • Site Investigation and Evaluation
  • Assigning weightages and scaling
  • Impact prediction
  • Impact analysis
  • Mitigation measures



Industrial Hygiene & safety Services

  • Safety audit as per the guidelines of Indian standards, Factories Inspectorate
  • Preparation of On-site emergency plan as per the guidelines of Factory Act.
  • Preparation of safety manual, First Aid manual, etc.
  • Monthly Safety Inspection, Safety Training
  • HAZOP& HAZAN Study
  • Statutory work and documentation as per rule no. 41B, 68K, L, and P of Factory Act.
  • Indoor air quality surveys
  • Ambient air monitoring services
  • Industrial hygiene monitoring
  • Process safety management
  • Plant wise safety audit
  • Comprehensive health and safety training
  • Risk assessments
  • Noise exposure studies
  • Hazard communication programs